Sohyeon Hwang awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Sohyeon Hwang, who will be awarded a prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship (a.k.a., GRFP) from the U.S. National Science Foundation!

photo of Sohyeon Hwang standing somewhere
Sohyeon Hwang standing somewhere.

The award will support Sohyeon’s proposed doctoral research on the complexity of governance practices in online communities. This work will focus on the ways communities heterogeneously fill the gap between rules-as-written (de jure) and rules-as-practiced (de facto) to impact the credibility and effectiveness of online governance work. The main components of this project will center around understanding the significance and role of shared (or conversely, localized) rules across communities; the automated tools utilized by these communities; and how users perceive, experience, and practice heterogeneity in online governance practices.

Sohyeon is a first year Ph.D. student in the Media, Technology & Society Program at Northwestern, advised by Aaron Shaw, and began working with the Community Data Science Collective last summer. She completed her undergraduate degree at Cornell University, where she double-majored in government and information science, focusing on Cold War era politics in the former and data science in the latter.

Sohyeon is currently pursuing graduate coursework, and her ongoing research includes a project comparing governance across several of the largest language editions of Wikipedia as well as work with Dr. Ágnes Horvát developing a project on multi-platform information spread. Recently, she has also taken a lead role in the efforts by CDSC and Pushshift to create a Digital Observatory for COVID-19 information resources.

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