OpenSym 2017 Program Published

A few hours ago, OpenSym 2017 kicked off in Galway. For those that don’t know, OpenSym is the International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration (it was called WikiSym until 2014). Its the premier academic venue focused on research on wikis, open collboration, and peer production.

This year, Claudia Müller-Birn and I served as co-chairs of the academic program. Acting as program chair for an ACM conference like OpenSym is more like being a journal editor than a conference organizer. Claudia and I drafted and publicized a call for papers, recruited Associate Chairs and members of a program committee who would review papers and make decisions, coordinated reviews and final decisions, elicited author responses, sent tons of email to notify everybody about everything, and dealt with problems as they came up. It was a lot of work! With the schedule set, and the proceedings now online, our job is officially over!

OpenSym reviewed 43 papers this year and accepted 20 giving the conference a 46.5% acceptance rate. This is similar to both the number of submissions and the acceptance rates for previous years.

In addition to papers, we received 3 extended abstracts for posters for the academic program and accepted 1. There were an additional 7 promising papers that were not accepted but whose authors were invited to present posters and who will be doing so at the conference. The authors of posters will have extended abstracted about their posters published in the non-archival companion proceedings.

The list of papers being published and presented at OpenSym includes:

The following extended abstracts for posters will be published in the companion to the proceedings:

There was also a doctoral consortium and a non-academic ”industry track” which Claudia and I weren’t involved in coordinating.

As part of running the program, we tried a bunch of new things this year including:

  • A move away from separate tracks back to a singlec combined model with Associate Chairs.
  • Bidding for papers among both Associate Chairs and normal PC members.
  • An author rebuttal/response period where authors got to respond to reviews and reviewers.
  • An elimination of page limits for papers. This meant that the category of notes also disappeared. Reviewers were instructed to evaluate the degree to which papers’ contributions were commensurate to their length.

I’m working on a longer post that will evaluate these changes. Until then, enjoy Galway if you were lucky enough to be there. If you couldn’t make it, enjoy the proceedings online!

You can learn more about OpenSym on it’s Wikipedia article on the OpenSym website. You can find details on the schedule and the program itself at its temporary home on the OpenSym website. I’ll update this page with a link to the ACM Digital Library page when it gets posted.

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